What is Pay As You Go Cellular?

Pay as You Go cellular is a cell phone service option that allows the subscriber to purchase minutes when and as they are needed. This is in contrast to cellular services where the subscriber commits to a monthly charge in exchange for access to a predetermined number of minutes. Pay as You Go cellular is often an excellent option for people who do not wish to commit to a long-term contract and who tend to use few cell phone minutes each month than other subscribers.

There are several benefits to Pay as You Go cellular service plans. One of the major advantages is that the majority of these types of plans do not require a one or two year commitment on the part of the subscriber. For people who do not like the idea of being chained to a contract for long periods of time, the freedom to move to another service at will is very attractive. There are never any worries about penalties or other issues due to some contractual agreement.

Because minutes are purchased at the subscriber’s discretion, it is possible to avoid any type of monthly payment plan. Instead, the Pay as You Go user purchases a bank of minutes and does not have to make any additional payments until it is time to purchase more minutes. Thus, a subscriber who purchases a bank of three hundred minutes and only uses a hundred and fifty minutes per month will be able to avoid a monthly outlay for cell phone services.

Many Pay as You Go cellular services provide wide coverage ranges without any additional charges incurred for usage. While most services do limit this coverage range to within a given country, that is not always the case. With a little investigation, subscribers who need international cell phone service can find several providers who offer out of country calling.

Another advantage of Pay as You Go cellular services is that you can purchase a phone for a very low price. While cellular services requiring a contract do provide significant discounts on cell phone purchases, the standard prices for mobile phones with a Pay as You Go service are competitive with these discounted options. In addition, the phones can be purchased at many discount retail outlets, making it easy to replace a damaged phone.

Reloading a Pay as You Go cell phone is very simple. The subscriber can either go online to the provider website and purchase minutes over the Internet or purchase minute cards at local retail stores. Once the card is purchased and the minutes tied back to the subscriber account, the phone is loaded and ready for use.
While a Pay as You Go service is not usually a good option for people who use cell phones extensively, the casual user will find this approach to be very cost effective. With a low price tag, no contractual commitment, and credible telephone service options, Pay as You Go is certainly worth investigation.