What is Predictive VoIP?

Predictive VoIP refers to certain types of calls that can be made over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Predictive VoIP can also referred be to as Web-Enabled Predictive Dialers, Virtual Predictive Dialers, and VoIP Predictive Dialers. Each of these names are a form of hosted predictive dialers.
Hosted predictive dialers use software that allow for communication using a computer. The communication usually takes the form of phone calls that can be placed from computer to computer or from computer to telephone. Recent advances in technology have made it possible for computers to dial into traditional, terrestrial landlines that use physical wires and are rooted into the ground and also cell phones which work off of satellites. Now, predictive VoIP can reach anyone who has a computer, phone or cell phone open to communication.

Predictive VoIP uses Software as a Service (SaaS) to make and receive calls. It differs from its hard dialer counterparts in that it doesn’t need any special tools or equipment to work. It only needs a computer and an Internet connection to function as intended.

Predictive dialing is often used by businesses operating in a call center. Call centers are usually used by businesses that make numerous outgoing calls. Telemarketing is a well-known example of a business type that employs and needs call centers.
Predictive VoIP can help businesses by doing most of the tasks related to calling for employees. For example, instead of having an employee identify phone numbers to call and then manually input them into a telephone or computer, predictive VoIP makes these decisions for them and dials the numbers automatically. Sometimes, some information about the person who has been called will show on the screen in front of an employee so that he may reference it while speaking to the prospect. This means that the employee is free to concentrate on speaking to the prospect and doesn’t have to lose valuable time researching information or deciding on another prospect to call.

The benefits of using predictive VoIP are numerous. Business owners do not have to invest in expensive software and purchase licenses to use it. Work can be done on existing computers or telephones. The administration of the software is taken care of by the software’s provider. Business owners may even see a significant reduction in their overall expenses, as predictive VoIP can be used remotely by employees who can work from almost anywhere they choose.