What is Unlimited GPRS?

Unlimited general packet radio service (GPRS) gives users the ability to have always-on Internet access. Depending on the signal strength and the network coverage of the service provider, a user with an unlimited GPRS plan can access the Internet anywhere, anytime. It is highly recommended that before a user applies for an unlimited GPRS plan, he should first check the network availability and speed in his area. An inferior connection or an unreliable network coverage will make an unlimited GPRS plan useless and become a huge waste of time and money.

GPRS is a mobile data service that is packet oriented. It can be used by users who have access to the second generation (2G) cellular telecommunication system Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communications, where GPRS can provide a 56 to 114 kilobit per second (kbit/s) data rates. The GPRS is also available for users of 3G systems. For data transfer between a GPRS cellphone or a GPR modem and the Internet, the charge is based on the traffic of data transfer. In data communication using a GPRS network, the charge is usually based on the length of connection time.

The GPRS GSM capabilities make several mobile services possible like perpetual Internet access, multimedia messaging service, instant messaging, and wireless application protocol Internet applications. A GPRS connection provides users with several mobile services that are not available in traditional mobile connections. It is frequently recommended that, in order to get the most out of GPRS communication, users should get cellphone plans that include unlimited GPRS.

Many service providers offer unlimited GPRS both in post-paid and prepaid plans. Being on a prepaid plan may not be the best option for users who connect to the Internet a lot because they may suffer disconnection when their credits run out. Post-paid plans are the way to go for users who want undisrupted Internet connection while on the go. Some service providers do offer special prepaid plans that extend the use of unlimited GPRS even after the user’s credits have run out.

GPRS offers a whole world of possibilities in mobile services, especially if users have unlimited access. They can use their mobile devices for web browsing, email, instant messaging, and even virtual private network (VPN) connections. Users can’t expect great performance in terms of speed and quality though, as GPRS relies on the GSM network and its signal strength. There will be some times when unlimited access becomes unfortunately very limited.