What is WisePrice?

Our sister site WisePrice is a consumer information site which allows people to exchange information about the cost of services ranging from pet grooming to assisted living facilities. Users can use WisePrice to research the average cost of services, and to learn more about what to expect from services, especially services they do not use frequently, such as assistance with funeral arrangements or legal difficulties. The goal of the site is to live up to its motto, “don’t get ripped off!”

Many consumers find themselves struggling with the cost of services they don’t rely on that often. WisePrice provides a frame of reference so that people can get an idea of how much other people have paid for a service. For example, if a user needs a car repair, he or she can look up “car repair” on WisePrice and get an idea of the kind of price to be expected. This can be useful when negotiating for a service, as the user may be able to bargain for a better deal by pointing out that he or she has seen lower quoted prices.

Anyone can read material on WisePrice. Users can either search for a specific service, or navigate a menu of basic categories to get information about all of the services in a particular family, such as Health and Wellness or Travel and Leisure. Within each large category, a variety of smaller categories covering common services can be found, allowing users to browse for more closely related services. In order to post material, users must be registered, and posts are moderated to ensure that the content is appropriate for the site.

Each WisePrice category includes a number of posts from other users describing the type of service they received, and how much the service cost. As a general rule, the posts also include detailed information about the quality of service, what was included in the service, and what to expect and look for in that type of service. Many users also offer tips informed by their own experiences, ranging from the best way to find service providers to specific questions which should be asked before contracting for a service.

To keep WisePrice as honest and accurate as possible, identifiable information about businesses and service providers is removed, although the area where a service was obtained is included, as this can have an impact on the cost of services. Users also specify the time frame in which the service is received, so that readers can consider the cost of inflation and shifting economic times when evaluating quoted prices on WisePrice.