What Should I Consider When Buying a Video Camera?

Video cameras are almost a must for family gatherings, vacations, and other special events. As with so many electronic products, video cameras continue to be enhanced with features while the prices drop a little more each year. If you have determined that it is time to think about buying a video camera, you may want to keep a few basic suggestions in mind.

First, forget about the number of pixels that make up the captured images. What you really want is a video camera with the largest CCD (charge-coupled device) that you can afford. This will translate into images that capture true color and will be more uniform in hue. A larger CCD also means much better performance in low light situations. The larger the CCD, the better off you will be.

At the same time, there is the issue of being able to operate the digital video camera of your dreams. There is no point in buying a video camera that is too heavy for the operator to hold without swaying or moving around. Instead, focus on buying a video camera that you can easily manage to hold for extended periods of time, either as a hand held unit or one with a shoulder attachment. Even the best video cameras will turn out poor quality production if the operator cannot keep the camera stable.

Keep in mind that for the best quality on the videos, you may have to give up the still image option. The fact is that even an excellent brand of video camera will not yield still images that are of the same quality as a budget still camera. Instead of sacrificing the quality of either, get a separate still camera when buying a video camera and forget about needing the still feature. Your videos will have a lot more life that way.

When buying camcorders, always make it a point to go digital. Even the low-end digital video cameras do a better job than the analog cameras. Since you are buying a video camera with an eye to using it for a number of years, why not go with the better technology?

Don’t forget to check warranties and guarantees when buying a video camera. Warranties are not created equal. Take time to read the fine print and find out what is covered, and how. Part of buying a video camera involves making sure the more expensive components are covered in the event of an accident or malfunction. Get the best coverage you possible can from any warranty or guarantee.

While buying a video camera, don’t forget to pick up a new camera bag as well. Get one that has room for a spare battery and any accessories you plan on using along with the video camera. Check the padding and make sure it is sufficient to protect all the equipment from being easily damaged.