What Should I Know About Speed Reading Software?

Speed reading software should accomplish two things: increase a reader’s speed at the same time it continues to maintain the reader’s comprehension of what they are reading. So when a person is considering purchasing speed reading software, they should keep this in mind as they look at the software features and what the program should do for them.

Most speed reading software contains common features, such as reading exercises and testing, various reading levels and materials as well as customer service and technical support. While these types of features are common, the variety of each offered in any given program can be vastly different.

Good speed reading software will allow the user to have the ability to change the settings of many of the features listed above. Not only should a user have the ability to make the software more personalized for themselves, but the program should allow the user to keep track of their progress. This means that prior to engaging in any reading exercises, the program should begin with a speed reading test to gauge the user’s current level of speed.

Speed reading software should also allow the user to choose different teaching techniques that suit their way of learning. That way, the software user will be able to personalize the program to a more comfortable learning setting for themselves. Some of the different learning methods include focusing on certain keywords, highlighting specific word groups that imitates eye movement and flashing words on the computer screen.

When considering software choices, be sure to discover the methods of testing each program offers. As mentioned above, it is important that a test is completed at the start of the program to ascertain the level of speed where the user is currently reading. However, it is also important that the tests include scoring comprehension levels as well as reading speed. In the end, it does the user no good to become a faster reader if they do not understand what they have read.

Good programs tend to offer some services that go above and beyond the regular features and support of other programs. One such service might be 24 hour technical support via telephone, email and even live chat, depending on the urgency of the issue at hand.
Lastly, it is important for a user to be aware that the software will only assist them if they use it correctly and work hard at becoming a faster reader. A great way to find appropriate speed reading software is to conduct research and read reviews prior to purchase of any program.