How Do I Choose the Best CB Walkie Talkies?

The best way to choose citizen’s band (CB) walkie talkies is to consider what kind of capacity you need, how you will be using your walkie talkies, and what features you might like to have. CB radios are all largely the same in their output power, but there are a few variations that you might want to consider. There are several common uses for CB walkie talkies, and the way you plan to use yours will help you determine which one is best for you. Additionally, there are features that will not affect the basic function of your walkie talkies but that may make them easier to use.

All CB radios, including hand-held transceivers, in the United States are limited to an output power of 4 watts. For this reason, the output power of all available CB walkie talkies is likely to be the same, and their differences will have more to do with channel capacity. There are 40 CB channels, and the transceiver in your CB will determine how many of them you can pick up. It is possible to operate a CB radio on either very high frequency (VHF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF), and some walkie talkies can also operate on both. In addition to the regular CB channels, many walkie talkies will also be able to tune into national weather channels, which can be helpful in severe weather situations.

CB walkie talkies are often used by consumers who wish to have CB radio capabilities away from their vehicle. Walkie talkies are often used for hiking or camping trips when portability is important. If you plan on using your walkie talkies this way, think about the size and weight of the device that you choose. Another consideration, when looking at portable models, is what kind of power supply it has, as some will have a shorter battery life and others may be rechargeable. In addition, some walkie talkies are meant to be easily moved from inside to outside of a vehicle, so if you plan to use yours in this way, look for a device that comes with a car kit.

There are a variety of additional features that are available on CB walkie talkies, and picking the right ones may increase the amount of use and enjoyment you get from your walkie talkies. The quality of the speaker and microphone will be important and may also have a big influence on the price you pay for them. Something else to evaluate is the size and type of screen on the walkie talkies. Some may come with large LCD or back-lit screens that will allow you to look at channels and other information more easily. Make sure that you assess how comfortable you are with the design of the CB walkie talkies you choose as well as how easy it is to use the buttons and other features.