How do I Choose the Best FRS Walkie Talkie?

Technology offers many tools that can help make life easier. Keeping in touch with family members is just one of the many issues we face, and using Family Radio System (FRS) walkie talkies makes it easier in many ways. These devices are ideal for outings and trips as well as simple communication from upstairs to downstairs, house to garage, from outdoors to indoors such as when taking a walk. Some people even use them in a mall or grocery store to stay in contact while separated.

Determining the use of your FRS walkie talkie system will help you make a choice. If you intend to use the walkie talkies on camping trips, you will most likely want a set with more range than the family who uses theirs at the mall. Size may also be a consideration. You may want an option that will fit easily into a pocket or purse or one that will hang from a clip on your belt without being clumsy.

While these devices have often been seen as toys, an FRS walkie talkie is far more than that. A family radio service is a great safety tool. If your children are out of your sight, you can still speak to them, sometimes for miles, depending on the walkie talkie range. They are generally affordable, and some even come with batteries included.

It is a good idea to stock up on batteries or to purchase rechargeable batteries and a charger, which some systems include, if you plan to use the FRS walkie talkie system regularly. For occasional outings, a few back-up batteries may be enough. It’s always better to have more than you think you will need. Another good feature to look for in an FRS walkie talkie is a low battery indicator. It is also wise to select one with an out of range indicator, which will alert people when they have moved out of range of other devices.

If children will be using the FRS walkie talkie system, it is wise to choose a simple design. Instruct them in its use. Have them practice communicating via the walkie talkies before venturing out. The children will likely enjoy it and you will feel safer knowing they can instantly communicate with you or another trusted person if necessary.

You may want to look for shock-proof, waterproof options if children will be using the walkie talkies. Keep in mind that such options are not indestructible and still must be used with care. Check out privacy codes, so strangers can’t use the frequency your family is using.
As with other electronics, quality and prices vary. You may wish to go check out different models on site and see how well they work. It is also a good idea to compare warranties.