How do I Choose the Best Digital Pager?

To fit the best digital pager, a person or company should consider what the pager will be used for, how large of a distance it shoulder cover, and what information it needs to transmit. A single person who only needs a single pager to display a telephone number can purchase a much cheaper, basic digital pager than a company that needs several pagers that can send text messages to other pagers in the building. A high-end business may also want to invest in pagers which allow voice communication instead of relying on a text messaging system.

Pagers communicate in a variety of ways. Typically a digital pager includes a screen which can display numbers, letters, or both. To communicate more than a simple telephone number, the pager needs to be alphanumeric or it can be a voice pager which allows the person to talk into it instead of typing a message. The most basic pager, known as the tone pager, has no screen and simply beeps when paged. This sort of pager works well in a restaurant to alert customers when their table is ready.

The area the pager will be used in is an important factor as well. Those who work on a large construction site, for example, would need digital pagers which cover a larger range than someone working inside a small office building. The type of job being performed and the urgency of the messages being sent will also play a role. A hospital will want a voice or alphanumeric pager system that covers the range of the building and can communicate messages quickly in the event of an emergency.

Once a person or business knows the type of digital pager or digital pager system he needs, he should examine the many options available on the market. The pager should be sturdy yet lightweight and should easily clip onto a belt loop or a pocket. It should stay attached yet be easy to remove and read when necessary. Often a digital pager clips on with the screen facing the wearer so he can read it without removing it from his pocket. The buyer should consider the battery life of the pager, especially in a business situation where the pagers need to last the length of the work day.

Another important factor in choosing a digital pager is the display size and the quality of the screen. Since the screen is often the only means of communication, it should be clear and easy to read. It should also feature large text for those who have trouble reading small letters.