How do I Choose the Best Paging Service?

Choose a wireless paging service that meets your needs for an alphanumeric pager, a voice messaging center, the effective transmission of text messages or a combination of all of these. Carrying a personal beeper should allow you the freedom to turn all other mobile communications off, yet still be available to receive critical messaging. In order to choose the best paging service, first sit down and evaluate what you need from a wireless personal pager, investigate your options, seek consumer feedback and select the one that best suits all of your requirements.

If you need a paging service to enable you to be reached in case of emergency only, choose a service offering a device that is able to pick up a strong signal even when you are away from your local area. Also, choose a paging service with a good reputation for timely message deliveries. Doctors and other emergency personnel often use pagers for critical messaging, so find out which service your local hospital uses to contact its staff and ask about the hospital’s level of satisfaction with the company. Also, inquire about the specific types of devices used and consider selecting one of these to increase your chances of selecting one that operates on a secure and effective frequency.

Some paging systems offer voice mail along with alphanumeric pager options. It is important, therefore, to determine whether or not you need this type of service and, if you do, think about your options for message lengths both for outgoing messages and incoming messages. Also, choose the paging service with a voice mail system that will save messages for a decent length of time and allow you to forward messages, if necessary. Don’t assume that all services do this, as some budget services only allow brief outgoing and incoming messaging or will only save a message for a few days before it is automatically deleted from the system.

If you will use a paging service primarily for business, consider a service that features a live operator for receiving incoming voice messages and transcribing them to you via a page. This adds a professional touch to your paging service and can also serve as a filter to make sure crucial messages are delivered immediately, but less important messages are held for bulk retrieval at a later time. If you have need of a bilingual operator, explore these options, as well. Ultimately, select the paging service that meets your unique requirements, offers the best quality of service and that has an excellent reputation for reliable message delivery.