How do I Choose the Best Digital Video Camera Battery?

Digital video cameras are quite popular these days, but they are virtually useless when they run out of battery power. There is a big difference between an okay digital video camera battery and the best one for your model. Before shopping for the finest battery available, first check the instruction manual to find out the compatible types. Then, check out reviews and prices for the different types that fit the camera, as most digital camcorders accept a variety of batteries.

The first kind of digital video camera battery that might come to mind is the traditional disposable type. If your camera accepts these kinds, you might assume that they are the best since they can be found in most stores. While they are certainly accessible in most areas, they do not last very long in general, especially if they are made with lithium. Additionally, disposable batteries are not considered safe for the environment. If you want to keep your camera weight low and do not need long battery life, these may be for you since they are lightweight and easy to find on the go.

The other broad category of digital video camera battery is the rechargeable type, which is often universal. These types of batteries come in several sizes, and are typically better for the environment since most are not thrown away constantly like the disposable kind. While rechargeable batteries are usually more expensive at the store, they can save you money in the end because they last much longer. The unfortunate detail is that they tend to weigh more than disposable batteries, adding to the overall camera weight. If you favor long camera life over a lightweight device, consider buying a rechargeable digital video camera battery.

Some video cameras require a specific type or brand of battery, referred to as proprietary. While these can be difficult to find and more expensive to replace than others, the upside is that they are guaranteed to fit your exact camera model. They are typically made by the company that manufactured the camera, so they usually boast extra long life when used correctly and placed in the correct product. The main drawbacks of a proprietary digital video camera battery are that it cannot be used in other products, and it needs to be plugged into a source of electricity to charge. Unfortunately, digital camcorders that require such batteries usually cannot accept any other types, so you would have to either buy a couple, or always be ready to charge the one you have.