What is a Rechargeable Batteries Charger?

Many things people use regularly require batteries: remote controls, flashlights, some clocks, digital cameras, and of course numerous children’s games and toys. Yet batteries can be expensive to replace and some things appear to drain them very quickly. A kid’s remote control car or a digital camera may use battery power up in short order. Replacing batteries frequently is expensive and creates concerns about constant battery disposal. For these reasons, many use at least one rechargeable batteries charger.

For basic batteries like AAA, AA, C, D and 9-volt, a rechargeable batteries charger may be an excellent idea. Many people buy them specifically to charge triple or double A batteries and they do require the purchase of rechargeable batteries too. It isn’t possible to recharge standard single-use batteries in these chargers. Thus a switch over to a charger requires a larger initial outlay of cash, which can depend on how many batteries and chargers are purchased.

Chargers may be limited to type and voltage of batteries they can charge. For instance, a charger might be able to charge all sizes of batteries, though these are usually highly expensive. Others are limited to being able to charge one or two voltage types at most.

Another limitation can be battery components. Sometimes a rechargeable batteries charger only works with batteries of a certain kind, like Nickel Cadmium. Others will work with more modern rechargeables like Nickel Metal Hydride and Low Self Discharge. When possible, especially if you have a few different types of batteries on hand, be sure to purchase a charger that will charge all types, or be certain to only buy batteries compatible with the type of charger purchased.

An additional point of consideration is capacity. Some rechargeable batteries charger types can charge large numbers of batteries simultaneously and others charge just a few at a time. For homes where battery needs are high, consider a higher capacity charger.

One feature to look for in chargers is automatic turn off when batteries are fully charged. Some believe chargers with a discharge or reconditioning cycle are better choices. This cycling can help extend life of the batteries to about 3-5 years. Another thing that may be helpful in a charger is when it can recharge batteries singly. It isn’t always necessary to charge several batteries at once, and some chargers require batteries to be recharged in pairs at least.

The simplest rechargeable batteries charger may fit in a few small batteries and plug directly into the wall. Others have cords and need a stable surface to sit on while batteries recharge. Variance in types available mean significant price differences. Cheapest chargers are well under $100 US Dollars (USD), and those with lots of features cost much more. Though expenses to purchase a charger and compatible batteries can be high at first, in the end, frequent use of a charger does tend to save money on battery replacement and may be an excellent choice for homes where battery use is considerable.