How do I Choose the Best LED Keychain?

An LED keychain can be an important accessory to keep on your keys; it can help to light your way in dark places, or even help you to signal for help. LED keychains are typically fairly inexpensive, and can be found in most discount stores and sporting goods stores. Selecting the best LED keychain is largely a matter of personal preference, and is based on the ways in which the keychain will be used.

It is best to select an LED keychain in person so you can determine how well it works. First, check to see how bright the light is; the LED should be extremely bright and easy to see. If the light looks dim at all, select a different one. LED keychains typically come with blue or red bulbs. Blue can sometimes be easier to see and brighter, but red will be less likely to impair your vision in the dark.

Next, check out the battery on the LED keychain. It is important that it features a user-replaceable battery that is easy to change. This might be important if you take the LED light on a hiking trip and the battery dies, for instance. It might be a good idea to buy a spare battery or two when you purchase the keychain. Some LED keychains are designed to be water resistant as well.

You will also need to consider any additional features on the LED keychain. Some basic versions will only work when a button is being pressed. Others allow the user to lock the light into the “on” position, so it can be used more like a flashlight. It could also be clipped to a jacket while walking outside at night to make you more noticeable; some people clip these lights onto their dog’s collar as well. Some LED keychains also include a flashing feature, where the light will blink on and off until it is turned off; this can be useful if you are trying to signal for help; some high intensity lights might even momentarily “blind” an attacker.

An LED keychain can be an important safety accessory. It can help you quickly light the keyhole on a vehicle when in a dark parking lot, or the doorknob to your home. This can help you to get inside more quickly. When walking outside at night, it is important that cars can see you as well as your dog in order to avoid potential accidents. Since these devices are so inexpensive, it might be a good idea to purchase a few at once and keep one on your keychain, one on your jacket, and another one in the car for a spare.