How Do I Choose the Best Office Answering Machine?

Comparing office answering machines and choosing the right one can prove a challenge, as there is much to consider. For instance, you can compare machines based on the number of messages they can record as well as the length allowed for recordings. You may also compare them based on whether you can operate them remotely and the remote features they include. The number of mailboxes available and the ease with which you can manage your messages may also factor heavily in your decision.

The number of messages an answering machine can hold will likely matter a good deal when you are trying to choose the best office answering machine. This is because missed messages can translate into disgruntled customers, lost sales and missed opportunities. As such, you may do well to choose a machine that can hold numerous messages at once and allows you to decide the minimum and maximum message length it will record. This way, if you need your customers to leave a detailed message, you can select an appropriate message length and make it less likely that they will get cut off halfway through.

The ability to manage messages remotely may also be an important consideration when you’re shopping for an office answering machine. For example, you may want the ability to call in and review messages, even if you are far away from the physical machine. This might come in handy when you need to retrieve messages after normal business hours or while you are traveling. It can also prove beneficial if you cannot make it into your place of business for the day and want to change the recording your callers hear.

If there is more than one person who will receive messages on the office answering machine, you may consider options that provide more than one voicemail box. With this type of machine, you can record an outgoing message that tells callers to press a specific number to leave a message for the person he is trying to reach. Additionally, you might prefer a machine that allows you to create a different outgoing message for each caller as well.

The process you will have to undergo to save and erase messages may also influence your decision when you are trying to choose the best office answering machine. For example, you might prefer a machine that allows you to erase or save some of your voicemail messages without having your choice affect every voicemail in your inbox. You may also prefer a machine that allows you to skip over messages you’ve already heard when you play them back. This way, you don’t have to go through a long string of recordings to get back to that important caller.