How Do I Choose the Best DECT Answering Machine?

To choose the best Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) answering machine, it might be a good idea to determine which models will work with any DECT phones that you already own or use. It is common for a DECT phone to come with a DECT answering machine at purchase. If this is not the case, or if you would like to purchase an additional answering machine, then it is advisable that you do a little research so that you can choose a compatible model. Some other factors to consider when choosing the best DECT answering machine are the cost and quality of different models.

DECT is a kind of technology that is used to make cordless telephones. In most cases, individuals who use DECT phones are able to carry receivers, which operate on batteries, away from base stations. A DECT answering machine is a piece of equipment that records messages left by callers when phone owners are not available.

When you are choosing a DECT answering machine, it is important that you find one that is compatible with your phone system. If possible, it is best to choose an answering machine that is made by the same manufacturer that made your phone. Some answering machines are compatible with a number of different kinds of phones, the models of which often are designated on answering machine packaging.

You also may want to consider DECT answering machine capabilities. For example, if you are using an answering machine in your business office and plan on receiving many phone calls, you might benefit most from a model that can record and store 99 or more messages. This feature can be especially helpful if you often are away from your office for days at a time. Some answering machines can record messages that are 30 minutes or longer.

Many people use consumer resources to choose the best DECT answering machine. Some consumer publications, for example, do not accept money from advertisers. This allows them to publish objective reviews of different products. Consumer websites often include forums for customer reviews and ratings. A number of consumer advocates, however, warn that companies sometimes pad negative reviews on websites with positive reviews, making it difficult for people to gain clear perspectives.

Price can be an important factor for a person choosing a DECT answering machine. Functions of an answering machine can impact how much it costs. A model designed for business, for example, which can hold messages for different accounts can be more expensive than a basic model designed for home use.