How Do I Choose the Best Video Conferencing Software?

You can choose the best video conferencing software by determining how many people will be in each meeting, what operating systems should be supported, and which features are important to your business. Additionally, it may be prudent to shop around for the best price, which can include calling video conferencing companies for an estimate. In short, the best video conferencing software has all the features and capabilities your business needs, in addition to a reasonable price. Sometimes, particularly if you do not need the software to support more than a dozen people, video conferencing can even be free.

Most video conferencing software programs place a hard cap on the number of people who can conference with each other at one time. Due to this, you must calculate the maximum number of people who need to be in a conference at once. This choice is an important one, because you will likely not be able to add slots without at least 10 minutes’ notice and an additional monthly fee. If possible, calculate the amount of people and then add a buffer zone of anywhere between one to 10 people to be on the safe side.

Some video conferencing software programs work only on certain computer operating systems. If your employees do not all use the same operating system, finding the perfect video conferencing software can be difficult depending on your needs. As a fall-back, you can use browser-based software or one of the most popular video conferencing software programs that support all operating systems but are not always reliable.

The features of conferencing software can vary a lot from program to program. Some programs offer echo cancellation, the ability to mute certain people, and electronic whiteboards to help facilitate communication. Other programs may be more basic and offer only video and audio, the ability to adjust your volume, and the ability to invite or block people from the room. Look at each program’s list of features and determine what is best for you.

In general, video conferencing software programs can be very expensive when the program supports a lot of people. The fee is typically paid every month or yearly, with the yearly option being slightly cheaper than monthly. Free programs also exist, but they usually do not support more than a dozen people and offer less support when things go wrong. Video conferencing software programs with no fees are typically aimed toward families, friends, and small businesses.