How do I Choose the Best Video Security Software?

To choose the best video security software, you should be sure to look through all the options available in your area and online. You may also consider speaking with someone who is knowledgeable about the technology and services you desire, or who can teach you about available services if you are unsure. Take stock in what you need the software to accomplish, and what features you may need. Common features you may be interested in include streaming video, multiple camera capabilities, motion sensor technology, and networking capabilities.

The features you choose will depend on what you need the software to achieve. If you are keeping track of a small area, you may only need one camera. Motion sensor technology may come in handy for anyone, because it allows the camera or cameras to follow anything that moves and get a better picture. Video streaming and networking may be important for larger projects which require constant surveillance on multiple screens.

Once you have found a few retailers in your area, you can begin your search for the right video security software to meet your needs. Speak with programmers, technicians, and sales professionals with each retailer to get an idea of each program’s capabilities and features. Discuss your price range, and have them show you options within your budget.

You may also consider ordering video security software from an online retailer. This can be less expensive in some cases, but it may also be harder to get in touch with someone who can give you all the details you need to know about the software. You may also be able to try the software free of charge for a set period of time to decide if it meets your current needs and desires.

When shopping, you should also consider any existing equipment you have to be sure the video security software you purchase will be compatible. If you don’t have any equipment to use, the sales staff selling you the software may also be able to help you pick out the right hardware and accessories needed to optimize performance.

If you are shopping at a local retailer, find out about the return policy on all software and hardware. This way, if something goes wrong or the video security software you choose doesn’t work with your system, you know how long you have to take it back. Be sure that you try out the software immediately after purchase to ensure that all the features work as expected before the return deadline, so you don’t try to use a feature down the road only to discover it does not work.
Online retailers may also have return policy guidelines, or you may be able to download your software for a limited amount of time before you pay. This will give you some time, generally between anywhere between one week and one month, to try out your new video security software and be sure it works well for your purposes. To do this, a credit or debit card is usually needed up front, and you are required to call in and cancel your agreement to avoid being charged.