I hope this frustration is not going to happen to any of you. But when it did and you could have an answer for it, please give me a touch.

I’m utilizing a MacBook Air (M1, 2020) with macOS Monterey Model 12.5 (21G72). I recall nothing uncommon till yesterday after I tried to duplicate or copy one folder on my Desktop folder. The method appears to all the time caught at

Zero bytes of two KB - Estimating time remaining ...
Now, it is a checklist of what I’ve tried thus far:

What not work

  1. As a result of my Desktop and Paperwork folders are synced with iCloud Drive, so I attempted copy/duplicate folder in Paperwork and the consequence is identical as above.
  2. I attempted to do a killall hen in Terminal as described right here.
  3. I attempted the method described right here.
  4. I attempted reset SMC and reboot my Mac.
  5. I attempted disable iCloud Drive after which re-enable it.
  6. Copy/duplicate of folder will not work no matter dimension.

What work

  1. I attempted copy/duplicate folder with cp in Terminal, it really works completely.
  2. I attempted copy/duplicate folder in ~/Downloads with Finder, it really works completely.
  3. Copy/duplicate of recordsdata works no matter dimension.

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