What are Digital Binoculars?

Digital binoculars, sometimes called camera binoculars, are binoculars with the capability of taking pictures. Sports and outdoor enthusiasts may carry digital binoculars so that they can have an up-close record of what they see. Just like conventional digital cameras, digital binoculars vary widely in quality and price, with some models by high-end manufacturers carrying a hefty price tag. The price on a basic pair, however, is comparable with many digital cameras, allowing beginners to experiment with them without having to spend a great deal of money.

Essentially, the camera side of digital binoculars is like a digital camera with a very large zoom ability. For photographers who want the ability to take photographs which can be enlarged to very big sizes, digital binoculars with large megapixel counts are available, although they are more costly. Basic models range from one to six megapixels, and usually include other features as well. In addition to the camera, most digital binoculars have a display for viewing pictures.

The binoculars act as the lens of the camera, and vary in strength. Just like conventional binoculars, digital binoculars can be focused on objects at varying distance away, and the focus can be refined so that the image is crisp and clear. Digital binoculars, however, allow the user to capture the scene which is visible through the binoculars. Bird watchers can take note of memorable species for life lists with digital binoculars, and sports fans can capture important moments in a game. Some models also offer a video camera format, allowing the user to take short films.

A variety of companies, including well known binocular manufacturers, produce digital binoculars. If you are considering the purchase of a pair, think about your needs before buying. If possible, you may want to try out a few pairs to see how they perform in the field, and so that you can understand what the zoom actually translates into, in terms of a finished photograph. You may also want to think about the potential for enlargement, as cameras with a low megapixel count will produce grainy photographs if you try to blow them up too much.

A reputable store should be able to give you information about enlargement ability, file size, and how many photographs you can store on a set of digital binoculars. A variety of storage devices including flash memory cards and internal hard drives are used. Make sure to pick a pair of digital binoculars that you know will work well for you, especially if you have a limited budget.