What is an Outdoor Camera?

An outdoor camera is a type of camera that is capable of functioning in an outdoor environment. Outdoor cameras can be used in yards, parking lots, around buildings and within a home owner’s yard. Typically, outdoor cameras are purchased for surveillance purposes. Their relatively low cost and easy installation procedures allow homeowners an affordable option for home security.

Outdoor cameras usually are designed to be weatherproof and waterproof. Their casings are airtight in order to avoid natural elements from hindering their functionality. For example, airtight designs can help limit the accumulation of dust and dirt inside the device.

Additional features of an outdoor camera can vary. Some outdoor cameras might have extra-powerful zoom and focus lenses capable of capturing identifying information such as license plates. Other outdoor cameras might be able to function in extremely harsh environments, such as places with severe climates or other atmospheric oddities. An outdoor camera also can come equipped with night-vision capabilities so that its owner can monitor an area during nighttime hours. Wall or ceiling mounts usually can be purchased along with the camera.

Using an outdoor camera, homeowners can set up their own surveillance system. Homeowners might be able to keep tabs on what’s happening outside their homes with an outdoor camera that has been well-placed and concealed properly. When used for security purposes, outdoor cameras can help deter trespassers and monitor traffic around a specific piece of property. Should trespassers or vandals arrive on the property, outdoor cameras can be powerful enough to capture clear pictures of their faces from long distances.

An outdoor camera also can be designed so that it is wireless. This significantly reduces the amount of maintenance the camera requires to remain functional. It also allows the camera to be placed wherever its owner sees fit. Typically, a wireless camera can function right after its receiver is plugged into a television (TV), videocassette recorder (VCR) or digital video recorder (DVR). Owners can then watch a live stream of their security camera’s feed, or they can return to the recordings and inspect them if an incident occurs.

An outdoor camera also can have other, more practical uses. Despite their name, certain outdoor cameras can be used indoors. Some popular uses for outdoor cameras include monitoring employees in an office setting or children in a home. Installation procedures simply have to be modified to reflect the new environment in which the camera will function.