What are Mobile Tones?

Mobile tones are audio files stored on a cellular phone. These files can include music, noises, and spoken word. They are normally used to represent various phone functions such as ringing or receiving messages.

There is a huge variety of these tones available. Many are little more than short noise files containing sounds such as doorbells, ducks quacking, or laughter. Some contain music, which can vary from full versions of the latest recordings to clips of melodies created especially for mobile phones. There are also mobile tones that involve people talking. These are often designed to be comical, either by blatant comedy or by way of pranks.

Most people have more of these files than they use. There are several ways of acquiring these files. Most phones have lists of mobile tones programmed into them when they are purchased. The variety and number generally depend on the type of phone.
Mobile tones can be downloaded from various websites on the Internet. Sometimes there is a charge for this service. Sometimes, however, the music is provided for free because it serves as promotion for an artist or company. Many cellular service providers also have services that allow mobile tones to be downloaded from networks accessed through the phone. These usually involve a fee charged per download or a package that includes a certain number of downloads for a certain price.

Cellular users often share tones. This is done in a fashion similar to sending text messages. It is also possible for a person to create her own mobile tones. She can do so by recording sounds on her phone or on another device and transferring the data to her phone.

Many mobile tones are permanent. This means that once they are acquired, by whatever means, they will remain on the phone unless they are removed or the phone is damaged. There are some, however, that can only be retained for a certain amount of time. After that specified period, the files will disappear and they must be acquired again, if desired.

Most people have their phones set to use numerous mobile tones. These files can be used to represent several functions. One sound may be used for incoming calls, another for incoming text messages, and a third mobile tone may be used to notify a user of voicemail. It is also possible, with some cellular services, to select tones that are heard by those who are calling or who are put on hold.