What are Phone Faceplates?

Phone faceplates are accessories generally used for mobile phones that provide some personalization to the standard colors and designs normally found on these phones. Faceplates are traditionally made of hard plastic, but can also be soft silicone. In some cases, phone faceplates are made to go over the front, or face, of the cell phone. In other cases, they may completely encase the phone.

Many phones are designed with the idea of personalization. These phones include nooks and cracks for phone faceplates so that they can fit snugly on the phone. Due to the shape of cell phones being so distinctive from one another, it is important to find a faceplate that is designed for the type of cell phone you have.

Many retailers sell phone faceplates. In fact, entire kiosks filled with little more than cellular phone accessories, including faceplates, can be found at many malls. Online retailers also offer many different phone faceplates in various designs and colors. However, if looking for a particular design of local interest, the best bet is to find a local retailer, as Internet sellers usually tend to cater to a much broader market.

One of the most popular type of phone faceplates are those that offer the chance to express one’s allegiance to a certain sports team. These faceplates often include the team’s colors and logo. They are especially popular on college campuses and often a collection can be found in the college bookstores and other bookstores around campus.

For those who find that their tastes change from time to time, cell phone faceplates may be the answer. While it could be expensive to change phones when the style or look no longer suits you, changing faceplates is relatively inexpensive. Further, as long as the previous faceplate is undamaged, there is always the option of changing back at some point.

In addition to adding a distinctive touch, phone faceplates can also serve as protection for the phone. In case of contact with sharp objects or blunt force damage that may be caused by dropping the phone, faceplates provide another layer of protection. Some may even include a plastic covering for the phone’s screen, which may be the most expensive part of the phone to repair if damaged.
Cell phone faceplates start at approximately $10 US Dollars (USD), depending on the design and the quality. Those with logos or other things that may require licenses to print may cost a little more. Plain colors and generic designs may cost a little less.