What are Cell Phone Accessories?

Cell phone accessories are additions to your cell phone that usually serve a helpful purpose. Some people decorate their cell phones with accessories, but most are used for a specific purpose. There is a huge market for cell phone accessories today.

One of the most popular cell phone accessories is an additional charger. Purchasing an additional charger is a good idea if you travel a lot, as it will prevent you from being stranded with a dead cell phone. You can purchase an additional charger that plugs into the wall, or one that plugs into the outlet in your vehicle. Some vehicles have specific outlets for this purpose, but if your car doesn’t, most chargers can be plugged into the cigarette lighter. A spare battery is also a good idea to invest in.

Due to new laws in many states, it is illegal to drive and talk on your cell phone without a hands-free headset. These cell phone accessories are important if you find yourself needing to talk on the phone while you are in the car. Some connect to your cell phone wirelessly via Bluetooth, while others plug into the cell phone directly.

If you often find yourself throwing your cell phone into your purse, laptop bag, backpack or pocket, you might benefit from a cell phone case and a screen protector. These are often made of plastic, vinyl or leather, and protect the cell phone from dings and scratches. They can also help protect the phone if you accidentally drop it. Leather cell phone accessories are especially popular.

If your cell phone can take and store pictures, store music or other documents, you may also want to upgrade your phone’s memory. Some phones allow memory cards to be plugged directly into the phone. This will increase the capacity for photos, music, or anything else you want to store on your cell phone.

There are numerous other decorative cell phone accessories that serve no real purpose except to make the phone more “unique.” Especially popular with kids and teens, these phone accessories can be found in most discount stores, specialty booths, flea markets and online. Some of the most popular include cell phone charms, which will hang from the side of the phone, or gems and stickers, which can be applied directly to the case. Cell phone covers are also prominent — these can be snapped onto the cell phone, protecting it from scratches while dressing the phone up with a pretty pattern, popular sports team or character.

Cell phone accessories range in price. There are numerous websites online selling inexpensive items for the phone. However, there are also some expensive designer items, such as cases, than be found for a much higher price. Some of these include Louis Vuitton and Coach, among others. Whatever your taste, you are virtually guaranteed to find something you like.