What Are Rechargeable Candles?

Candles can give rooms a warm and inviting glow, but they are not always safe to use. Rechargeable candles can be a safer alternative to traditional varieties, because they have a very similar appearance. These lights are powered by placing them on a charging unit until they are ready to be used. They come in various sizes and designs, making them ideal to use in any room of the house.

Rechargeable candles have a charging unit which typically houses anywhere from six to 24 lights. There is a slot for each candle to sit in when being placed on the charger. This equipment normally contains an extension cord, which plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It may take anywhere from two to eight hours to charge completely, and this depends on the size and number of candles it contains. Many times, there is a light on this device, which illuminates whenever the rechargeable candles are ready to be used.

Once rechargeable candles are removed from the base, they produce a light resembling that of a candle flame and may even appear to flicker. Even so, these lights do not produce any smoke or soot while they are burning. They might be warm to the touch, but do not normally burn people whenever they touch them. These wireless gadgets do not usually have a fragrance as many other candles do.

Many models are designed to look as much like traditional candles as possible. They may appear to be made from wax, and some rechargeable candles even appear to have bits of melted wax on them. Some are inside frosted glass containers, while others could be part of candelabra, which is a device that holds multiple candles at one time.

Rechargeable candles are available in many of the same sizes as traditional ones are. There are tea light candles, which are round and nearly flat ones, votives, which are round and somewhat taller, or tapers that are very long and narrow. These rechargeable accessories are available in pillar form, which is similar to a column, or they could be ones that appear to be housed in a canning jar instead.

In many areas, there are restrictions on burning candles, so these lights can be an attractive alternative. Since there is no flame involved, rechargeable candles can be used even when they are unattended. They may be used during a power outage and provide multiple uses, making them useful and economical to purchase as well.