What are Waterproof Headphones?

In the headphone market today, people will be hard-pressed to find traditional headphones in a waterproof style. Instead, what is mostly meant by waterproof headphones are waterproof earbuds that may withstand extended contact with the water.

There are many different waterproof headphones of this type, and they come in a wide price range. Very inexpensive ones may even be attached to small radios. People who take their water sports and listening needs seriously might want to spend a bit more, perhaps above $100 US Dollars (USD). It’s safe to say there are many models below this price for those who are more frugal.

The degree to which waterproof headphones resist water is always an important consideration. Most will not withstand being submerged in greater than ten or 12 feet (3.05-3.66 m) of water. The majority of these are best designed for things like lap-swimming, pool play, and water based sporting like riding in boats, jet-skis or water skiing.

An additional caution may exist on the latter. When participating in high demands sports or swimming in areas with boats, in the interest of safety, it might be best to not dull ability to hear .
Making the jump from the idea of waterproof headphones to ear buds can be a transition for some people. The buds may come with a number of fitting devices so that they stay in the ear canal. Some have soft foam that maintains this connection and others have extra features like clips that can attach to the ear to keep the buds in place. A very few of these do look more like the true headphone and may have an over the head strap or a plastic fitting piece worn in back of the head. Most skip this, and will simply look like wires feeding up from the waterproof MP3 or other player being used.

There are a number of places where people can find waterproof headphones. A few pairs may be available at electronics stores locally, and sometimes places like swimming pool supply or water sports stores carry them. The models available locally are usually only a small representation of the offering that can be found online. Most useful in assessing online models are the many stores, such as Amazon, that feature customer reviews of products. These can help people get a sense of customer satisfaction with particular brands before making a purchase