What is a Blog Creator?

A blog creator is a person who creates a personal online site for the purpose of writing posts for other people to read. There are many blogging platform and design websites that make it easy to blog now, so it is possible for anyone to create a blog. A blog creator just needs a little creativity and the desire to write for an audience.

A blog creator first needs to determine the type of blog he or she wants to create. Some blogs are personal, where one might tell stories about one’s work, life, or family. Others are more professional, where a blogger might post writing or photography samples, or even music. A blog can be anything that the blogger wants it to be, but it is somewhat helpful to determine what type of blog it will be in order to create the best design.

Once the blog creator has determined the type of blog he or she wants to make, he should choose a name, and then register the URL. One might choose to get a free blog under a blogging platform site, or one might register one’s own domain for a fee. Either type of blog can work very well, but some professional bloggers prefer the look of a custom URL rather than one from another company’s site.

The next step is to actually design and create the blog. One might choose to use blogging software, which may also provide optional templates that may be used when designing a site. One might also choose to design the site independently, which may take longer, but will give a more personalized appearance. Once the blog has been designed and set up, it is time to start posting.

A blog creator should aim to post at least a few days a week; some try to post every day. A regular posting schedule will help one to get a regular base of readers. In addition, the blog creator will need to decide whether or not to leave comments open on posts; many blogs allow users to comment in order to facilitate discussion between readers and the writer, but others are not comfortable with allowing comments. It is important to be an active commenter on other blogs as well as community forums around the web, because this is a great way to draw readers to the new blog. Be sure to leave thoughtful comments, not just comments that say “Come visit my blog!”