What is a Business Smartphone?

A business smartphone is a phone that includes many features that are especially important to business users. While most smartphones will include things like e-mail, an Internet web browser and other such applications, some business users may need more. These applications may come standard on the phone or may be software add ons.
Smartphones are quickly becoming the new must-have device as the prices of both the phones and plans have made them more affordable for the average consumer. However, while many may look at such a phone as a status symbol, business users understand how practical the device can be. When on the road or at home, the business smartphone can be an important link to the office and clients.

While the major attractions to any smartphone is the e-mail and Internet capabilities, the business smartphone not only includes those but other options as well. Some will include versions of popular software applications, such as word processing programs, spreadsheet programs and even slide presentation programs, that allow employees to work from a mobile platform. In addition, the business smartphone may have other advantages as well, built into the hardware or operating system.

In order to truly be convenient and effective, many of those who choose a business smartphone may be attracted because of a larger, or full keyboard. This saves the user from having to hit a key multiple times to produce the desired letter or number. In some cases, the keyboard will be exposed on the smartphone, in other cases, it may slide out a special section of the phone or the phone may be unfolded to reveal the keyboard.

Another option that is becoming popular with business smartphone users is the touch screen. While this may be considered a perk to some extent, the touch screen does have a number of advantages. First, it reduces the need of a wheel or other type of scrolling device. Second, it is more in line with what many may already be familiar with from having a personal digital assistant (PDA). The touch screen can make use of a business smartphone far more efficient and intuitive.

If an organization requires a person to have a business smartphone, the company will usually pay for the phone or reimburse the expense. Thus, in most cases, it is in the best interest of the employee to get a smartphone with as many useful business applications as possible. While the costs may be higher initially, in the long run it could lead to much more productivity.