What is a Smartphone with GPS?

A smartphone with GPS is a cellular telephone that includes all the features of a standard smartphone plus a global positioning satellite (GPS) device that will direct users to a specified location. This type of mobile device allows people to conduct business, correspond with personal contacts, and get directions all from a cell phone. Smartphones with GPS may eliminate the use of several different electronic products because this one device has so many features.

An operating system allows smartphones to run in a way similar to a home computer. The cell phone’s operating system will permit software to be downloaded to the phone so that it can have functionality. Smartphone software lets the user edit text documents, download digital music, and use the GPS features on the phone. It is also used to download useful smartphone applications.

Smartphone apps vary from financial tools to video games. Many people enjoy using several smartphone apps for business purposes or pleasure. These applications can come at no cost or may have a one-time fee that is charged to the user’s monthly cell phone bill. Applications are similar to the functional software that people will download and use on a personal computer.

To use the features of a smartphone with GPS, you have to have high-speed Internet access. Just like a computer, the Internet lets the user check email, conduct specific Internet searches, and instant message other contacts. A smartphone will allow the owner to pull all of his or her email contacts into the phone and send and receive messages without ever using a computer. Internet access also lets the user download directions using the GPS and locate certain destinations.

A GPS system used to be a separate device, but with the invention of the smartphone with GPS, users can now get the same function from their phones. A GPS can give step-by-step directions from one location to another. Many devices will give audio guidance so the user does not have to look down at the phone while driving. A smartphone with GPS can also locate certain restaurants, stores, and other destinations by name and can save directions to favorite places.

It can be very convenient to have a smartphone with GPS instead of an external GPS device. Most people will not forget their cell phones when traveling so their GPS is always on hand. Smartphones are also very small in size and can be stored easily. The GPS feature on a smartphone is mobile and can also be used while walking on foot in a large city to find the shortest route to the destination. Other GPS devices can be bulky or may need to be plugged into the vehicle and will not allow for this capability.