What Is a Caller ID Watch?

A caller identification (ID) watch is a wristwatch that is capable of wirelessly linking to a cell phone. When someone calls the cell phone, the person’s name is then displayed on the watch, similar to regular caller ID. The user can then determine whether he or she wants to answer the phone without taking it out of a pocket or running to get it. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using a caller ID watch; it is a convenient device, but it typically is a fairly large, bulky watch that might not be ideal for someone who wants to look more stylish.

Many people find wearing a caller ID watch to be very convenient, particularly people who use a cell phone as their home phone. This allows them to see who is calling without having to go find the phone. The watch typically will display either the name or the number of the person who is calling, but not both, because there simply isn’t room on the screen for both. A caller ID watch will often vibrate as well to alert the user of an incoming call.

In general, a caller ID watch is often intended to be a fun tech gadget rather than a useful tool for every person. This is not just because the watches are typically big and bulky but also because they have fairly limited compatibility with cell phones. Most watches are compatible with a specific brand of cell phones, so a user must make sure to purchase a watch that will work with his or her selected cell phone. If a person purchases a new cell phone, it might be necessary to purchase a new caller ID watch as well.

A caller ID watch might have a few additional features as well. Some will vibrate and display a text alert notification on the screen when a text message is received. Some will include a button to silence the phone’s ringer, which could be very helpful in classroom or professional settings in which a ringing phone is disruptive. Consumers should keep in mind that to answer the call, it still is necessary to purchase a separate headset or to actually get the phone; the watch does not include speaker or microphone technology.