What is a Caller ID Speakerphone?

The caller ID speakerphone can refer to a phone with speakerphone capability that displays caller ID, or it can mean a phone that will audibly announce the caller ID information, which may be useful for the visually impaired. While speakerphone function for both of these types of phones is usually guaranteed upon purchase, caller ID may depend on phone service. For some people, getting caller ID is only guaranteed if they pay for it with their phone service and a phone would neither display nor voice the name of the caller.

The speakerphone that has a visual caller ID display is relatively common. People can find these phones in a variety of locations, and depending on their phone service, where the number gets displayed can vary. For instance, companies like Comcast that offer both cable and phone service have options to display numbers on the television screen. If people are watching TV and the phone rings, they can look at the number and choose whether or not to get up and answer the phone. Size of display and size of television screen still might not be adequate to read the number for some people.

Alternately, the caller ID speakerphone that speaks the call identification information out loud really may be of service to those with visual impairment. With so many calls originating from telemarketing sources, answering the phone may get to be a chore, and lots of people respond by screening their calls. Knowing that a call originates from an unknown number means people don’t have to answer.

There are a few versions of the “talking” caller ID speakerphone type on the market, and one criticism of many styles is that phone receivers are connected by cord to the main phone. They may have a speakerphone function, independent of caller ID, but the phone needs to be placed in one location, and people can’t move around when they’re on it, unless they’re using that function. Failure to provide a cordless phone on many models is frequently considered a problem.

On the other hand, the caller ID speakerphone has additional pluses for those with poor vision. It usually has very large buttons with clear numbers that make it easy to dial. This can be useful when placing calls, though some people prefer a home phone or cellphone that is voice directed. Another alternative is providing Braille buttons.

Rounding out the tech items that could be considered a caller ID speakerphone is one very interesting variation on the telephone. People may acquire the unusual, speakerphone with caller ID that is built into a mouse pad. This might be useful for those who spend long hours at their desk. It begins to lose functionality if the person wants to move around when on the phone, as it has a limited range in its ability to pick up the speaker’s voice. It would be best used in one room only.