What is a Cell Phone Earbud?

A cell phone earbud is a hands-free device, which is used to talk on a cell phone, that sits directly in the ear. This accessory allows consumers to speak and communicate on a cell phone when doing other things, such as driving a car, surfing the internet, or buying a cup of coffee. This device usually offers Bluetooth technology, and is used in situations where holding a cell phone to one’s ear is not practical. Since it is often illegal to drive an automobile while chatting on a cell phone, unless using a cell phone earbud, which is often referred to as a “Bluetooth”, this device is popular with consumers who enjoy multi-tasking.

In many parts of the world, driving and talking on a hand held cell phone, is not considered safe and may even be illegal. The cell phone earbuds are often used to answer or talk on a cell phone while in transit. It may use Bluetooth technology, which is a wireless type of technology that allows consumers to exchange data, or have a conversation on a cell phone without having to hold the cell phone. A typical Bluetooth-type cell phone accessory will have a cell phone earbud, connected to a device that extends from the ear, or a speaker, which allows open dialogue between callers.

Some employees use this kind of technology, using a cell phone earbud, to carry on conversations with prospective clients, while hailing a taxi, ordering lunch or walking down the street. Very often this device is left in the ear, so that answering a call while doing just about anything is possible. People can keep in contact no matter where they are. This kind of technology tends to be popular in professions that are competitive or sales oriented, where staying in contact could mean a very profitable sale, such as real estate or stock transactions.

When using this kind of device, the cell phone itself usually needs to be within a certain range, but some of these systems feature an alert system, so that consumers do not forget to bring the cell phone along with them. Depending on the type of unit, it may beep when callers are going out of range of their cell phone, alerting them to move closer. The ranges differ, depending on the unit itself.