What is a Mortgage Dialer?

A mortgage dialer is a program which is used to facilitate mortgage telemarketing. The program can be integrated into a phone and computer system, or may be used in the form of a hosted system which users dial into to access. Mortgage dialers are designed to increase the number of leads which salespeople can access, and to limit the number of bad contacts such as disconnected phone numbers. Many companies produce mortgage dialer packages.

In mortgage telemarketing, agents attempt to establish leads by contacting people on a phone list. When they make contact, agents provide people with information about mortgage products, usually with the goal of getting the lead interested in refinancing or exploring other options, in which case the call can be transferred to a closer who will execute the deal. As with other forms of telemarketing, mortgage telemarketing is limited by the number of calls an agent can make, and using dialer software maximizes efficiency.

The mortgage dialer uses a predictive dialing system with a list of potential contacts. The dialer places calls automatically and transfers the calls to an agent if the calls are answered by someone. Dialers can also be programmed to leave messages on answering machines if an answering machine picks up. The system will also record the outcome of each dialed call, such as no answer, a busy signal, or a disconnection message, so that the list will be kept up to date.

With mortgage dialer software, agents are only involved in calls with actual people, and they can spend most of their work time on the phone developing leads and relationships. This allows them to make more contacts in a given day, and to increase the chances that they will make a sale or get someone interested enough to ask for more information. The system can also be used to keep records which allow companies to manage their contact lists and leads more effectively.

In regions of the world where anti-telemarketing laws are in effect, mortgage dialer programs come with add-ons which are designed to address these laws. For example, the program may only run during the hours in which solicitation calls are permitted, and it can include a scrubber which removes people on a do not call list. Likewise, the dialer can include a recorded message which provides people with information about how to get their phone numbers removed from the database.