What is a Motion Detector Camera?

A motion detector camera is a device that is used for ongoing surveillance in the home, a business, or any type of public facility. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this type of video surveillance equipment is that the camera does not run continuously. Instead, the security camera activates and captures images when some type of activity or motion takes place within the range of the lens.

With home surveillance, a motion detector camera makes it possible to monitor any points of entry to the home with relative ease. For example, a set of closed circuit cameras could be mounted near the front and back doors of a house, and connected to a computer located inside the dwelling. When someone approaches either door, the camera would activate and send images to the computer. Many cameras of this type also save and date stamp the images, a feature that can be especially helpful if the homeowner wants to know who and how often someone approached either entrance while none of the residents were at home.

Another application for a motion detector camera around the house involves monitoring the activity of infants and toddlers. By setting up monitors in the kitchen and various other rooms, parents can be quickly alerted when a baby begins to wake up from a nap, or make sure that the kids are not engaging in any activities that are not permitted. Exterior cameras can also be used to monitor the whereabouts of children as they play in the back yard, thus helping to ensure their safety.

With commercial buildings, the motion detector camera makes it possible for a relatively small number of security personnel to constantly monitor activity in the building. Often, a series of monitors connected to multiple cameras allow a single security guard to be aware of movement on different floors, especially near entrances and exits, elevators, and other key sections of the building. Like the home cameras, a motion detector camera system in a commercial building is capable of capturing images that can be archived for later review if necessary.

While motion detector camera equipment can be very expensive, surveillance equipment for the home has become increasingly affordable. Newer designs include wireless models that are ideal for use in apartment buildings or other settings where running wiring would be inconvenient. Plans for creating this type of surveillance system using various components are readily found online, allowing just about anyone to create a customized spy camera system for use around the home, without incurring a great deal of expense.