What is a PowerSquid?

A PowerSquid is a type of power strip that typically creates multiple outlets by using individual cables running out of a central hub. The name of the product comes from the strip’s general resemblance to a squid. Each cable runs off the hub like a tentacle. There are two basic categories of PowerSquid products, outlet multipliers and surge protectors.

These devices are different from many other types of outlet multipliers and surge protectors because standard power strips generally have several outlets all lined up together on one box. This may pose a difficulty, if a user wishes to plug in a wide adapter. Most PowerSquid strips separate these outlets onto their own individual cables, so all the outlets are accessible even when the electronics have large plugs.

PowerSquid products are usually made up of three main parts. First, they usually have a cable that runs from the main power outlet to the hub. This cord can vary in length from three to eight feet (0.91 m to 2.43 m). It commonly has a three-prong plug, so that it can be inserted into most standard grounded outlets in the United States.

Second, the typical PowerSquid device has a central hub where the power is split into separate outlets. This hub may or may not include surge protector capabilities. Usually, any indicator lights and ‘on/off’ switches will be found on the hub. Also, some of these devices include other types of surge protector ports on the hub for information cables, such as telephone or DSL lines.

Third, several individual cords branch out from the central hub, and each ends with an outlet, in which users can plug electronics. These outlets are separate from each other, so it usually does not matter how large a device’s power adapter or plug is. The adapters should not interfere with other outlets.

Most outlet multipliers split the power from a standard wall socket, increasing the number of available outlets. The basic PowerSquid outlet multiplier works in the same way, except that it offers five outlet cables that branch off the hub. Typically, each cable has a different length, ranging from six to 10 inches (15.24 cm to 25.4 cm).
PowerSquid makes several types of surge protectors, all with outlet multiplication, as well as power surge defense for electronic devices. These power strips offer between 540 and 3240 Joules of surge protection, and several offer surge protection ports for telephone, DSL, and coax cables as well. They may also come with a breaker and reset switch for added safety. Some come with equipment replacement warranties of up to $500,000 (US).