What is a Rotating Surge Protector?

A rotating surge protector is an electronic device that allows multiple items to be plugged into a single outlet at once. The major benefit of this rotating surge protector is that its inputs can spin in a full circle, accommodating bulky plugs that don’t work on regular strip-style protectors. These tools are also designed to be electrically grounded so a power surge will not occur, creating expensive damages to home wiring and electronic devices.

The traditional surge protector has been in use for several decades and rose to prominence during the home computer boom. The panel surge protector is the most common type of system, offering anywhere from four to eight three-prong electrical inputs that stem from a single wall outlet. This traditional type of protector is normally designed as a rectangular piece of plastic with the electrical inputs permanently in position. These protectors have a built in circuit breaker that cuts off power to the electrical outlet in case of a surge.

The traditional electrical surge protector performs the job of keeping devices safe, but creates a problem when bulky plugs, like from computers, phone chargers and camera chargers, all need to be plugged in at once. Frequently, the variety of plug sizes overlaps the electrical inputs, not allowing the surge protector to be fully utilized. For this reason, the rotating surge protector was developed.

Electrically, the rotating surge protector serves the exact same purpose as a traditional model because its main functions are to provide electricity and prevent an overload. A rotating model accommodates plugs better than the traditional style thanks to a swivel mechanism built into the electrical inputs. The swivel allows the plug to be spun in a full circle while still maintaining an electrical connection to the power supply. By spinning the plugs a number of items can be attached at unnatural angles.

The rotating surge protector not only provides a more efficient way to plug bulky items into a single outlet, but also adds a layer of security. Many models of rotating protectors feature grounding lights. When this tiny light bulb is illuminated it signifies that the charger is electrically grounded, meaning there is no risk of a charge jumping from the wiring. This is important because it better prevents an electrical surge, which can destroy a device’s circuitry and also severely damage a home’s wiring system.