What is a Robot Vacuum?

A robot vacuum is a small, automated mechanical device designed to clean and vacuum a floor’s surface without the assistance of someone handling it. These devices operate on remotes and battery charges to provide wireless cleaning. A robot vacuum can easily remove lint, dust, dirt and sand so as to save a homeowner the effort.
Robot vacuums typically are purchased by homeowners who want to save time, but potential buyers should consider the time necessary for a robot vacuum’s maintenance before purchasing. A robot vacuum will need to be sufficiently charged for it to work. Brushes and filters will have to be cleaned and sometimes replaced; receptacles also will have to be emptied regularly. Buying a robot vacuum doesn’t mean that the homeowner will be freed from cleaning responsibilities; it simply means that the time devoted to such activities will be reduced.

Device features depend on the model of the particular robot vacuum purchased. Some robot vacuums can work as well on carpeted floors as they do on hardwood floors and can seamlessly transition from one surface to another. Advanced models of robot vacuums can have schedules programmed and memory capabilities and sensors that detect room edges, height drops and debris type. Models might be able to determine soiling levels so that extra cleaning time can be devoted to a particularly dirty area. Certain robot vacuums might even be able to realize when they have ignored an area and will return to it to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Models can differ in the amount of time that they need to be charged before use. There also can be differences in the amount of time they can operate after being charged to the fullest extent. Potential buyers should look into the physical hardware associated with robot vacuum charging. Some vacuums are equipped with a piece of hardware meant to function as its home base, where it can be charged. Other models might have optional charging accessories that allow for hassle-free self-charging.

Robot vacuums’ prices can vary considerably. Standard robot vacuums with few features are more economical than those with advanced technology. Potential buyers should realize that cheaper robot vacuums often are less thorough in their cleaning capabilities. Safe storage can be a snap if a robot vacuum comes with wall mounts, brackets or other special equipment intended to protect it and keep it in place.