What is a Weatherproof Phone?

A weatherproof phone is a type of phone that has been designed to withstand environmental elements. Generally, it is sturdier and more functional than the average phone. The most common type of weatherproof phone is the waterproof phone.

Waterproof phones guard against water making its way into a phone device and compromising its function. They originated in Japan. The Japanese invented waterproof phones because of the culture’s appreciation of bath time. The Japanese take lengthy baths and their actual, physical baths much larger than their Western counterparts’. The invention of the weatherproof phone has been reported to spring from the Japanese desire to make phones waterproof.

Some companies have attempted to sell weatherproof phone enclosures. Enclosures may be made of durable plastic or another hard material that makes contact with dust, dirt or other elemental debris difficult to achieve. However, phones themselves are now being built to withstand environmental conditions. Everything on the phone, including shells, keys and screens, are made to specification so that potential damage to the phone is minimized.

In terms of marketing, these phones are appealing to the accident-prone. They may also be purchased by parents of small children who regularly handle their parents’ phones and damage them. At another end of the spectrum, athletes who participate in extreme sports or sports that take place in inclement weather may also find weatherproof cell phones useful. Cell phone companies try to include features in their products that would appeal to all of these group types.

While weatherproof phones are popular with individuals who seek to use them in emergency situations as well as the groups mentioned above, they are also gaining popularity with the average user. For the average user, a weatherproof phone that simply places a call is not attractive enough to warrant a purchase. To meet demand and make them attractive, cell phone companies have now begun to create weatherproof cell phones that include a variety of extra features.

A weatherproof phone can boast any of the features found on a regular cell phone. It’s not uncommon to find a weatherproof phone that has the capability to take pictures, double as an mp3 player, function as a stopwatch or work as a GPS. These features, when coupled with the ability to endure high drops, drops into toilets, sinks or bathtubs and other types of rough-handling, make weatherproof phones a sound investment for any regular cell phone user.