What is an Ecommerce Site?

Ecommerce refers to electronic commerce. An ecommerce site is a place where electronic commerce is conducted. Electronic commerce generally refers to transactions conducted using the Internet. This does not mean, however, that all Internet transactions are conducted in the same place. There are large numbers of ecommerce sites online.
An ecommerce site facilitates one-person transactions. This means that the buyer and seller do not have to be engaged in the process at the same time. In some instances, such as with drop shipping businesses, the owner of an ecommerce site may never have to get involved with the customer. However, even in the instances where merchant action is required, it is not necessary for the merchant to be engaged with consumers during the execution of each transaction.

Electronic commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services using distant electronic systems. When a person goes to a store and swipes a bank card to pay for goods, she makes an electronic transaction. This does not qualify as ecommerce, however. The first reason is because of the site of the transaction, which is a physical location.

An ecommerce site is located in an electronic location. Instead of having a street address, ecommerce sites have web addresses. A web address will lead a person to a place on the Internet where she can access a virtual business place. Instead of having physical access to a business place containing goods, representatives, or service areas, an ecommerce site leads a person to a place where she can access these things electronically. Like physical addresses, electronic addresses lead a person to a particular place. Web addresses lead people to different areas on the Internet. One common difference between sites is their appearances. Internet commerce sites can be designed in a vast variety of styles, which utilize different layouts, images, and colors.

The capabilities of these sites are another thing that can make a difference. It is common for ecommerce sites to have applications that allow for the processing of payments. Usually the consumer has several payment options, such as using credit cards, bank cards, or making electronic transfers. When goods have to be physically exchanged, an ecommerce site usually has the capability to allow a person to initiate this process after making payment. Many sites provide people with multiple shipping options, allowing them to choose the one that best suits their needs.