What is Bathroom Design Software?

Bathroom design software allows the user to create a three dimensional, or 3-D, design of a bathroom to see how it might function in real life. She can control the size of the room and furniture, add colors or textures, and place accessories in the room depending on how advanced the software is. Different people will use the software for different things, from architectural layouts to interior design components. Bathroom design software varies from simple to complex and each version has its own unique features tailored for a specific use.

An interior designer would use bathroom design software to create a 3-D layout of the bathroom she was decorating, including the toilet, bathtub, sink, and any other furniture in the room. She would invest in bathroom design software that allows her to change the wall color and patterns along with the style and theme of the room. She would also experiment with lighting to see which areas of the room are too dark and will require new lighting to be installed.

On the other hand, an architect would use bathroom design software to determine how a remodeling or building project for the bathroom should be executed. He would create a floor plan of the bathroom to determine where pre-existing walls are or to add new walls. From there he would lay out the furniture and figure out the best arrangement to meet the owner’s needs while still meeting safety codes.

Basic software is used to create a general layout and change a few colors around. This software is for the homeowner to examine color choices and layouts without going into too much detail. More expensive and complex software comes with an array of colors and furniture to add. It also features extra options that allow for advanced 3-D modeling and give the user more control over the size and positioning of furniture and the walls themselves.

Those working with clients may create both a 3-D model of the ideal bathroom layout and an overhead view of the floor plan. This not only shows what the room will look like, but also displays dimensions and measurements to make sure it is possible to build the room according to the interior designer or architect’s specifications. It is also useful for a homeowner who wants to create a model to show the architect remodeling her bathroom. This eliminates any confusion about what the owner wants.