What is Bible PDA Software?

Bible PDA software is Christian-based software that is designed to function with a personal data assistant, or PDA. The content of the software usually involves one or more popular versions of the Old and New Testaments, the sacred writings that have the status of Scripture with Christians of all denominations. Software packages of this type may be configured to provide a simple electronic text that can be read with ease, or include other features such as the ability to search the text or compare the wording of a given verse between two or more versions. Bible PDA software may also include study guides designed to aid the reader in understanding the background and historical setting of the text.

Because of the diversity in Christianity, there are Bible PDA software packages that are designed for use by adherents of different branches of the faith. It is possible to purchase software that is geared toward Roman Catholics, or packages that are more appropriate for Orthodox Christians, Coptic Christians, or Protestants. One of the main differences is the inclusion of all Biblical writings that are considered part of the canon by each of these major groups within Christianity. This means that writings considered apocryphal by one branch of Christianity may be included in software designed for Christians who consider those same works to be part of the sacred canon.

There are also Bible PDA software packages that are developed for use by Christians with different approaches to interpreting Scripture and its application to Christian identity. For example, one software package may be ideal for a Christian with a literal understanding of Scripture, while a different package may appeal to a Christian who has a more conceptual approach to reading and studying the sacred texts of the Bible. There are even some packages developed for use by adherents of a specific denomination, with the study guides often including references from the history of the denomination as well as Christianity in general.

Various forms of Bible PDA software are available, and may function with a number of different handheld devices. Some are configured to work with specific formats, or even a particular brand or line of devices. Just as with any type of software, it is important to match the software with the device in order to ensure that all features will function properly.

Purchasing Bible PDA software is a relatively easy process. Most Christian bookstores carry at least a few software packages. Publishing houses and bookstores operated by specific denominations are also excellent sources. A number of different types of Bible PDA software are found online, including software that can be downloaded for free.