How Do I Choose the Best Infrared Software?

The best infrared (IR) software supplies the customer with user-friendly programs featuring all the functionality required to perform the required tasks. Many infrared or thermal imaging cameras come equipped with software. Some software packages offer extensive image editing tools, program integration, and upgrades while others may provide functionality limited to viewing images. Price is another factor to consider when choosing infrared software.

Different users generally require image editing tools with varying capabilities. These tools not only capture and save images from a camera’s storage device, they also allow individuals to zoom into specific regions of an image for closer inspection. Some tools can analyze and annotate temperature gradients within the image using text or some type of visual marker. Other tools adjust the color gradients of the image or allow the color of the image to be changed entirely.

IR software may allow real-time recording, linking the camera with a computer to surveil a specific area for an extended length of time. Using this function, the user predetermines start/stop modes through the computer program. Some software applications have alarm monitoring systems, which emit an audio or visual alarm when motion is detected. Certain infrared software programs compile imaging information and provide trend analysis, diagnose problems, and suggest reparative actions. In addition to having the capability to generate multi-page reports, some programs enable users to create multimedia presentations using images, graphs, and textual information.

While some prefer infrared software programs that have stand-alone functionality, others may opt for software that easily integrates with other graphic, imaging, or textual programs already loaded into the computer. Other options to consider include the availability, necessity, and price of software upgrades. Compare software capabilities and determine which programs require add-on programs for optimal use.

Users may also want to consider the amount of technical support that accompanies each program. While some infrared software programs have extensive help menus, others provide online support for frequently asked questions or concerns. Consider how knowledgeable company technicians may or may not be when a need arises. Also, compare the benefits of using factory produced software to packages specially designed for specific needs. Some software companies configure software on an individual basis, supplying the customer with the precise tools, templates and utilities required for the job.

Certain thermal imaging devices come equipped with imaging software. Companies may offer free downloads or require that customers purchase software separately. Licensing agreements also vary from company to company. While some offer one price for multiple users or computers, others require payment for each user and application acquired.