What Is International Video Conferencing?

International video conferencing is a concept that utilizes the benefits inherent in technology to facilitate the process of communication between two or more parties who may be located in different corners of the globe. In the case of international video conferencing, the parties utilize some equipment that usually involve monitors and specific software created for the enhancement of international video conferencing. The process may be used for many purposes including news reports, entertainment, meetings, education or just for the sake of communication between friends or family.

An example of the application of international video conferencing can be seen in the case of news reports where reporters in different countries can connect with the newsroom and chat live with the anchor during the actual program. This usually adds a great degree of immediacy to a news report and also serves the purpose of adding more credibility to the news since the viewers can see for themselves some of the activities the reporter is talking about in the background, even while he or she is reporting it. As mentioned, this method of international video conferencing requires specific equipment at the various locations of the parties involved in the conference.

Another application of international video conferencing for entertainment purposes can be seen during live award shows when entertainers who may have won awards are unable to attend for specific reasons. When this is the case, the organizers of the show might set up an international video conferencing where the entertainer will be able to interact with the host of the show and give his or her acceptance speech where applicable. In the case of business applications, video conferencing can be used to facilitate meetings between members of the organization in different locations, rather than having them travel to one location, such as the headquarters, to participate in the meeting. It is clear to see that this sort of arrangement not only serves the purposes of cutting back on the time wastages associated with travel from one branch of the business to the other, but it also means the money that would have been spent on hotels and other transportation logistics will be saved. International video conferencing may also be utilized for educational purposes where a lecturer that is located in another area will give a lecture to students who may be gathered together in a class or lecture hall.