What Should I Consider When Buying a Cell Phone Case?

Dozens of cool accessories exist for cell phones, ranging from high-tech gadgets to the simple and practical. Various fashion-forward designs not withstanding, perhaps one of the most practical accessories for a cell phone is a case. A cell phone case can protect a cell phone from accidental abuse and can also make it easy to carry a phone. Choosing a case for your phone can be based on fashion sense, practicality or both. While shopping for a cell phone case, consider the following features.

Ease of access is a feature that should be at the top of your list if you use your phone frequently for talking or texting. A cell phone case that makes retrieving the phone difficult or awkward might not be practical, since you will be less likely to use it. If you are more interested in protecting your phone from bumps and scratches, consider buying a cell phone case that enables easy removal of the phone or one that the phone can be left in while using it. However, keep in mind that the cases that enable you to use your phone without removing it typically obstruct audio and visual features slightly. These cases may not work well for phones without color displays or for people who have difficulty hearing unless they utilize a hands-free headset.

Also decide if you want a cell phone case with or without a clip. If you plan to carry your phone attached to your pocket or the outside of your purse or bag, a cell phone case with a clip could be ideal. Many cases have swivel clips that further expand the possibilities of attaching the case to various garments and other accessories. Similarly, if your phone doubles as your personal music player, a case with a clip makes it convenient to carry your music with you everywhere. Just be sure the case provides adequate access to all input jacks on the phone.

Other considerations to weigh include material and construction, color, and overall design. A leather cell phone case may be considered more professional in appearance than a brightly colored leopard print. You may choose to match your case to your briefcase or bag or even to the phone itself. Since cell phones and cell phone cases come in a wide variety of colors, a match shouldn’t be difficult to achieve.

Before buying, you might consider asking one of the store’s sales associates to take the case out of its packaging so you can “try it on.” See if your phone fits properly for adequate protection and if it will be easily accessible. If it’s a permanent case, see how well you can see the display and make a phone call to see how well you can hear. If you purchase a case online or from a catalog, make sure theirs is a no-hassle return policy, in case you don’t like it.

While a cell phone case is not an essential accessory, it can be a practical purchase for transport and protection of your phone.