How do I Choose the Best Camera Charger?

Almost always, the best camera charger is the charger that comes with the camera. When you use the charger that comes with the camera, you have a minimal risk of a poor connection or other problems. If you are interested in purchasing a special charger, such as a universal charger, a charger for a different type of outlet, or other types of unique chargers, choosing the best one can be slightly more difficult. Reading reviews of different chargers and trying them out in the store can be helpful when choosing a new camera charger.

Many people find that the camera charger that comes with a camera is not versatile enough for all purposes or that it does not work as well as they might like. While the original charger is likely the best option, particularly because it is typically included with the camera, other chargers can be used to replace the original. When purchasing a camera charger, it is important to make sure that the charger fits the camera as well as the power source. Typically, the camera charger will fit the power source of the location where the charger was purchased, but this is not always the case.

You might find that a universal camera charger is a great investment if you have more than one camera or it is likely that you will at some point change cameras. Universal chargers are excellent for a wide variety of devices, although many are sold specifically for cameras and camcorders. One problem with this type of charger is that it is very easy to lose the small attachments included with the charger. Special care must be taken in order to ensure continued functionality.

Certain chargers may be more appropriate for special situations, such as a camera charger with an attachment for the car for a person who spends a lot of time traveling by car. Some people do not like having a large number of wires when charging multiple electronic devices, and in this case a charging mat may be a good solution. Having chargers unique to specific situations may be appropriate for some users, but for others the additional investment may not be worth the added convenience.

When choosing the best camera charger, making sure that the charger works can be the most important step in the process. With a new charger, this is less of a concern, but when buying a used charger you must be very careful. Plugging the charger into your camera prior to paying for the item can help alleviate some doubts, but there is no guarantee with a used charger. Even so, the discount may be worth the risk.