How do I Choose the Best Wireless Battery Charger?

A wireless battery charger typically uses inductive coupling to transmit power to one or more devices. Some chargers will work with a single device, while others can couple with a number of different gadgets at the same time. Choosing the best wireless battery charger may depend on how many devices you would like to charge at once, and which charging systems offer adapters for your existing cellphone and other gadgets. You may also have a device that requires a proprietary system, in which case your choices may be more restricted when choosing the best wireless battery charger.

Wireless charging stations are often available in a variety of different sizes and configurations. If you only have a single cellphone to charge or just want to power up one device at a time, then a wireless charger with a small footprint might be the best choice. One of the main benefits offered by a wireless charger is the reduction in clutter, so using a large, powerful device for a single cellphone might be unnecessary. If you have several devices, a large station which can accommodate many devices at once may be the best wireless battery charger for you.

Compatibility with your devices is another main concern when choosing the best wireless battery charger. If you have a cellphone or other gadget that already supports inductive coupling, you may want to pick a charging mat that is compatible with that particular technology. You can also check with the manufacturer to make sure that the proper adapter is available. Many wireless battery chargers have specific adapters or sleeves designed for a variety of gadgets, or offer universal options for devices that have some type of universal serial bus (USB) charging port.

One type of universal wireless battery charger can involve a sort of secondary battery or power supply. If you have a number of devices that all use USB power plugs, then one of these may be the best type of battery charger for you. A universal USB charging system often works with the same type of power mat as other wireless chargers. They may allow you to charge a USB battery that can then be plugged into a variety of devices as your power needs change.

Some devices may use a proprietary form of wireless charging. Inductive coupling is still typically the way that charging is accomplished, though these devices may not be compatible with the universal mats offered by other manufacturers. If you have a device that uses wireless charging as its primary or only charging method, you may be limited in your choices. In some cases, you may only be able to use a specific type of wireless battery charger that is made by the same company as your device.