How do I Choose the Best PDA Bundle?

A personal digital assistant (PDA) is useful for staying organized and keeping track of tasks, schedules, appointments, addresses and phone numbers. It can also be used to play games, to read books, to check maps and navigate, to listen to music, to watch videos and look at photographs, and to take photographs and videos. With cell phones incorporated in PDAs, you can also be set on the communication front. It is a good idea to know what your exact needs are when you buy a PDA bundle. The best bundle package is one that meets both your requirements and your budget.

To begin with, it will help to research the types of bundles that are currently available for your PDA model, and to compare their content and prices. You can check on the PDA manufacturer’s website for a list of bundles being offered and for links to third party bundle providers. You can also visit review sites, online forums and message boards, and check what experiences other users have had with these bundles.

The types of applications you can run on your PDA depend on its operating system. If you expect to use a good number of applications on your PDA, the operating system should be able to run these applications, simultaneously if necessary. The PDA operating system should also allow you to synchronize your data with a PC, laptop or other computer devices.

There are literally thousands of application bundles available for PDAs. Some of the common ones include a calculator, a calendar, an address book, a browser, an office suite, a media player and an E-book reader. It will help to check what different multimedia formats are supported by the media player and the E-book reader.

If you do a lot of texting and messaging, you may want to look for a PDA bundle that allows for unlimited texting and messaging. An unlimited data plan is good for data intensive activities like watching videos and TV programs, and for playing games on your PDA. You may also need Flash™ capabilities in the cable TV bundle or game bundle you select.

Look for an affordable and reliable Internet bundle if you plan on spending a lot of time online. You will need a PDA bundle that can support different wireless connection modes, so that you can get fast broadband or cellular connections. Getting a PDA bundle with navigation software and GPS capabilities will come in handy when traveling.