How Do I Make a QR Code?

There are a few different ways in which you can create a Quick Response (QR) code for use in advertising, graphic design, and other applications. These codes are typically black and white images consisting of lines and squares that can be read using a proper scanning device. One of the simplest ways to make a QR code is by using a website that allows you to input data, such as plain text or contact information, resulting in the creation of a graphic. If you want to make a QR code that is more elaborate or interesting, some sites and programs allow you to use colors instead of just black and white and you can also carefully add a separate image to one.

Different websites can be used to make a QR code quickly and easily. These pages typically have a text box into which you can enter information to embed into the graphic, and some may allow you to choose between different types of codes. Many different forms of data can be used in making a graphic, such as plain text that displays when it is read or a link to a website that a person is redirected to after scanning it. Depending on the website, once you make a QR code, you may be able to download it as a simple graphic image, print it out, or even have it sent to an email account.

There are also programs that you can download and use to make a QR code, including both commercial and free software. These typically work in a similar way to the websites, providing you with a box into which you enter data for use in the graphic. Additional tools may be provided with these applications for editing or altering the image that you create, though this depends on which one you use.

While these solutions can help you make a QR code that is plain black and white, certain sites and software can help you make more interesting images. You can typically add color to these graphics, as long as you maintain a relatively high level of contrast between the background and the lines and shapes of the code. This allows your images to be more eye-catching and visually interesting.

Additional pictures can be added to a graphic to make a QR code that includes a company logo or other visual information. You can use graphics editing software to do this, though it often requires a great deal of trial and error to make sure the image is viewable and can still be read by a scanner. There is a certain degree of error correcting in QR codes, which allows some of it to be covered without destroying the data within it. Always double check and make sure the code still works with a scanning device before printing or otherwise using an graphic.