What Is a Custom QR Code?

A custom Quick Response (QR) code is a graphic used to convey information in a way that can be read by certain electronic devices. While there are readers specifically made for these codes, many people use a smart phone with a camera and reader software on it to view the information in a custom QR code. This information can contain just about any small piece of data, from contact information to a website address. A custom QR code, however, not only conveys this data, but also appears different in some way; for instance, using different colors and graphics in the code.

There are a few different ways in which a custom QR code can be made, though it typically involves the use of a website or computer program to generate it. A plain code is typically black and white, square in shape, and contains a number of lines and squares that represent data. The image can be fairly interesting, but it can also disappear quite easily among text and other pictures. A custom QR code is often used to make the image more obvious and have it stand out among other pictures, while still ensuring data retention in the graphic.

One of the simplest ways to make a custom QR code is through the use of colors in the image, rather than plain black and white. Just about any color can be used, and multiple hues are often included to make the image stand out even more strongly. Some care should be taken by someone using color to make a custom QR code, however, since it still needs to be recognizable. These images require a white background, and so extremely bright colors may make the graphic hard for someone to see, and if unseen these images can easily go unread.

A more complicated method of creating a customer QR code is the use of a small graphic that is placed in the image itself. These codes tend to include about 30% error correction and redundancy, meaning up to that much of it can be removed and the graphic remains readable. A small image can, therefore, be placed over less than that much of it to create a custom QR code that includes a company logo or other identifier. This type of customization is more difficult than it may seem, however, as a large picture or poor placement can make the code unreadable. Graphic designers and specialists often test these custom codes extensively to ensure they are still effective.