What Is an Access Denial?

Access denial is a security tool used to limit access by persons who may be unauthorized. It uses an automated algorithm to determine if a user has permission to access … Read More

What Is a Receiver Amplifier?

A receiver amplifier is a home theater component that performs the two basic functions of switching between different inputs, and amplifying audio signals before they are routed to loudspeakers. Receivers … Read More

What Is a FET Transistor?

A field-effect transistor (FET) is a three-terminal device that can control the amount of electricity allowed to pass through. FET transistors are able to switch or control electricity very rapidly. … Read More

What is a Bluetooth Earphone?

A Bluetooth earphone is a wireless earpiece that can be connected to a mobile phone, an mp3 player, a laptop or other Bluetooth-enabled device for hands-free use. Bluetooth earphones operate … Read More

What are Rock Speakers?

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What is an Underwater Digital Camera?

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What is a Weatherproof Phone?

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What is HD Radio?

HD radio is a brand name, and it should not be confused with HDTV. It doesn’t refer to either high-definition radio or satellite radio. This type of radio broadcasting allows … Read More

What Is Online Voicemail?

Online voicemail records and stores phone messages on the Internet. Customers can set it up to work in a number of ways, possibly receiving free access with some products. This … Read More