What Should I Consider When Buying a 3G Handset?

A 3G handset is one of the more recent technologies in the cell phone industry. Finding a good phone that is capable of meeting your demands should not be too difficult. In some cases, it will come down to a matter of personal preference and finding a phone that will work on your cellular provider’s network. This, of course, usually means buying one directly from the cellular provider.

One thing that should be understood is what a 3G handset is not. Due to the prevalence of many of the phones being touchscreen models, many may believe that is what a 3G handset is supposed to be. This is not necessarily true. There are also some 3G phones that are not of the touchscreen variety. Therefore, those who want a touchscreen 3G handset need to make sure they are asking specifically for that.

The term 3G simply refers to the third generation of wireless cell phone technology. Not all companies may offer 3G phones or 3G service, which makes this a primary consideration for anyone wanting. Therefore, those who want a phone that is capable of incorporating the latest technology will want to make sure they are on a network that supports the new standard.

Another thing to consider with 3G handset technology is the issue of cost. These phones are significantly more expensive than their cell phone counterparts. Even with a contract, some 3G cell phone models will be much more expensive than the average consumer has paid, unless this consumer has bought the newest technology every time it has come out. Consumers should expect to pay, out of pocket, a minimum of $250 US Dollars (USD) for a 3G handset.

Therefore, consumers should also consider whether they truly need a 3G handset. While it is easy to get caught up in all the hype over the technology, those customers who use their phones only for voice communication and text messages should probably stay away from the technology and go with a more inexpensive option. This is because the main benefit of 3G technology is in its wireless internet capabilities related to increased bandwidth. Those not needing this are spending money needlessly for technology they may never use.

Of course, eventually the entire industry will switch all phones to the technology, most likely, but that will also come with price breaks as the technology ages. Therefore, there is no disadvantage for non-internet users to wait. However, for those who think they may want to add internet service, 3G handsets should be considered.